Crescent solitaireCrescent Solitaire

Crescent solitaire is an impressive game based on the rather traditional Klondike style of play. However, it has a different twist to its Klondike version that makes it worth the while. As a result, it has different tweaks and features to it that give a player a different feel and an immersive form of play. Crescent solitaire players participate in several tournaments and go against other live players from around the world.

Difficulty level and tutorials

There exist no tutorials for the game yet, but this is no deterrence as new players can quickly grasp the game’s simplicity. Additionally, if the game gets a little technical for the player, there is always a help tab. The help tab will how the player what to do in certain instances.


As indicated before, Crescent solitaire is built around the Klondike style of the game. The game developers have however taken a different tweak on the Klondike style by incorporating various tweaks and features to make the game unique. Players are provided with two rows containing four cards. The four cards are surrounded by sixteen other card columns. The middle upper row cards are to be arranged in descending order while those in the lower should be arranged in ascending order.

After completing the arrangement process, points will be awarded about how well a player did. To turn the gameplay up a notch, there are several tournaments where players go to live players around the world. The players are gauged by how fast they can arrange the cards.

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The game goes for a simple style as compared to an overly complicated game architecture’s the cards are easy to identify and work with a striking design that makes them easily identifiable. In Crescent solitaire, there exists no form of currency exchange, and this increases competition since everyone is on the same level l while playing. It is, therefore, worth trying out since the tweaks and changes it takes on the traditional solitaire style are amazing.


Also known as Linebacker , Return man 5 is a modification of (Return man 3)third version and it has quite some interesting features and updates in it. In the game,a player faces the other team alone,for instance;in the initial stage,one player has the ball and other 4 players are around to support him. They protect the ball holder and assist him score touch downs,and you will have to be careful so as to avoid being caught while still catching the quarterback yourself.

What makes the Game Unique?

When it comes to American football,a good defense is one of the most essential things. The game is designed to test all your defensive abilities in football;Return man 5 gives you an opportunity to show off all your strategies and skills as well.

Return Man 5 GamePlaying the game

For a player to tackle running back,he or she will have to dodge the blockers first,and as soon as the way is clear,you run as fast as possible towards the quarterback and stop him. You do not need to hurry because unnecessary risk might work against you,just be careful and pay attention to the other team and their movements. Find their weak points and use them to your advantage. In some situations it may be necessary to attack,so if you have time on your side,you can tackle some blockers until they clear the way,just make sure you will be able to run back in-case things don’t work as planned. There are also three special techniques and moves in the game that will be extremely useful in the higher levels of the party. For you to use the moves,you will have to unlock them by stopping and running back.

return man 5 linebackerControls

-I-Run Forward

-J-Run left

-L-Run right

-K-Run back

-Space Bar-Dive tackle



Return Man 5 is an amazing and decent American Football game,and can be enjoyed by gamers of all age brackets. The Atmosphere in the game is realistic and its sound effects fit it excellently. Although some people claim that it’s graphics are not up to per,but to be sincere,this sort of game does not really need sophisticated effects and graphics. It is good enough and its design is awesome as well. Hope you will find it enjoyable and stop running back.A great game for great people!

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Stick RPG is one of the most played games on, almost as popular as Happy Wheels unblocked. It is a classic game and over the years, it has emerged the most played game. The latest Stick RPG version has turned out to be the best on This statistics clearly indicate that this game is widely played.

Stick RPG from Xgen - Guide inside!

Where to find this game
Maybe for one reason or another you have not been able to lay your hands on this exciting game. Do not be left out, join the fun. or is the site you can download the game. Xgen though is better because it contains the complete and original version. One thing about’s version is that it contains a modified city whereby you are not able to sell and buy stocks, travel to another city and sell “commodities” or buying real estate.

RPGHow to play
First, you will need to roll the skill dice. Expect to find a flaw that may say charm: 3, strength: 3 and intelligence: 3. Put all those together to get 9. You may decide to redo again to get 10. You should try rolling repeatedly until you get above eight in every skill. Take away all skill points earned and re-add them to intelligence until it is twenty at the least.

By just a finger, read your messages, check the school bag, explore your apartment and check the question mark icon. Simple isn’t it? This type of navigation is very easy to work with. Note that, your job title should always be McSlave. To apply for jobs, go to the other side of McSticks you will find the corporation. A congratulatory message will appear on your screen if you succeed in your job application.

After you have landed a job, maybe a janitor, you are required to work for not less than four straight days. Afterwards, you can go and study to get enough brains that can qualify you for a promotion. After a successful promotion request, you will get a congratulations message notifying you of an increase in wage per hour.

After another promotion, you now become a regular employee. You can make money for some days, sell “commodities” and explore. Get another promotion and earn yourself the vice presidency. Your wage per hour will also increase to $50. Work for shorter hours and for the best part of your days gamble at the casino. Blow your savings on a castle worth $500,000.00 dollars. Live a lavish life, have fun and buy anything for your castle.

Now that you are a CEO and making huge money, invest it. Watch TV, exercise and have lots of fun. Go to the bar. Drink a couple of beers, smoke and get into a fight. Kill a kid with smokes. After smoking a number of packs, go into the street and get yourself killed! If the car misses you, find where the street ends, jump off the world.