ESPN Return Man 3 focuses on the details of playing American football. Like any other flash game, this game has several levels and stages that can be played over 15 weeks. The player is expected to complete at least four stages every week to be promoted to the next stage level. In each of those four stages, there are four levels. This means you have to complete each level in the first stage before moving to the next stage of the week. As usual, the first few stages are easy to conquer but the game gets tougher as you get to higher stage levels.

return man 3

Game Interface

The game offers a nicely designed interface that makes the game realistic. For instance, the developer has ensured the players, lightning bolts and cleats are clearly visible. The playing ground is also of higher quality, and the movements are now simpler and smoother.

Game Controls

The return man is controlled by either the arrow keys or with “I” for forward movements, “J” for left movements, “L” for right movements, and “K” for back movements. Catching the balls would mean moving the return man over the circle in yellow before the circle is filled with the color. The special moves in the game are controlled by D, A and K keys. The spacebar also acts as an alternative for the mouse, which is used in advancing the game from one screen to another.

The return man ought to have a higher possession in order to gain more points by scoring highly. In any case, consider the moves you use to score as each move normally deducts your points. As such, consider using fewer moves. Always make the return man run over the lightning bolts. They boost speed and earn the return man bonus points. The game has a resume feature and that really cuts it for players on the go.

Also known as Linebacker , Return man 5 is a modification of (Return man 3)third version and it has quite some interesting features and updates in it. In the game,a player faces the other team alone,for instance;in the initial stage,one player has the ball and other 4 players are around to support him. They protect the ball holder and assist him score touch downs,and you will have to be careful so as to avoid being caught while still catching the quarterback yourself.

What makes the Game Unique?

When it comes to American football,a good defense is one of the most essential things. The game is designed to test all your defensive abilities in football;Return man 5 gives you an opportunity to show off all your strategies and skills as well.

Return Man 5 GamePlaying the game

For a player to tackle running back,he or she will have to dodge the blockers first,and as soon as the way is clear,you run as fast as possible towards the quarterback and stop him. You do not need to hurry because unnecessary risk might work against you,just be careful and pay attention to the other team and their movements. Find their weak points and use them to your advantage. In some situations it may be necessary to attack,so if you have time on your side,you can tackle some blockers until they clear the way,just make sure you will be able to run back in-case things don’t work as planned. There are also three special techniques and moves in the game that will be extremely useful in the higher levels of the party. For you to use the moves,you will have to unlock them by stopping and running back.

return man 5 linebackerControls

-I-Run Forward

-J-Run left

-L-Run right

-K-Run back

-Space Bar-Dive tackle



Return Man 5 is an amazing and decent American Football game,and can be enjoyed by gamers of all age brackets. The Atmosphere in the game is realistic and its sound effects fit it excellently. Although some people claim that it’s graphics are not up to per,but to be sincere,this sort of game does not really need sophisticated effects and graphics. It is good enough and its design is awesome as well. Hope you will find it enjoyable and stop running back.A great game for great people!

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