FMX Team Freestyle Motocross DigitizedFMX Team:
FMX Team is an interesting game that offers a fresh look into the world of Freestyle Motocross. Playing as a team of three riders, all sporting an awesome ride, your aim is to successfully complete the multitude of levels that the game sets you up on. Being a motocross game entails more than just completing the course — you’ve got to look impressive while doing it, all by performing various stunts. For each stunt your biking team performs, they’ll receive experience. Earn enough experience and your bikers will learn newer, more impressive stunts that they can perform on a whim. Aim for the highest score possible by unlocking every stunt!

Despite being an incredibly difficult feat to pull of in reality, the game’s controls are much simpler. Use the UP button on the keyboard to send your biker forward. The LEFT and RIGHT buttons allow for your rider to lean back or forward. Leaning is an important mechanic in the game and you can set your rider up to perform impressive stunts at a high velocity if leaning the right way. The game is quickly paused by using the SPACEBAR, should you need to take a break for any reason. Up next is probably the most important aspect of the game. The stunts. Perform up to five different stunts (provided you’ve unlocked them all) by using numbers 1,2,3,4 and 5 on your keyboard.

When starting the game for the first time, you’ll be prompted to enter a name. This way, you’ll be remembered and your high scores will be listed for everyone to regard with wonder and envy. After choosing a name (or not choosing a name) you get to choose which of your 3 riders will complete the course. Upon doing so, you’ll immediately be placed at the start of the course, free to ride and show off your moves.

Try to meet the score required in the allotted time limit, and most of all, have fun on the track!

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Crescent solitaireCrescent Solitaire

Crescent solitaire is an impressive game based on the rather traditional Klondike style of play. However, it has a different twist to its Klondike version that makes it worth the while. As a result, it has different tweaks and features to it that give a player a different feel and an immersive form of play. Crescent solitaire players participate in several tournaments and go against other live players from around the world.

Difficulty level and tutorials

There exist no tutorials for the game yet, but this is no deterrence as new players can quickly grasp the game’s simplicity. Additionally, if the game gets a little technical for the player, there is always a help tab. The help tab will how the player what to do in certain instances.


As indicated before, Crescent solitaire is built around the Klondike style of the game. The game developers have however taken a different tweak on the Klondike style by incorporating various tweaks and features to make the game unique. Players are provided with two rows containing four cards. The four cards are surrounded by sixteen other card columns. The middle upper row cards are to be arranged in descending order while those in the lower should be arranged in ascending order.

After completing the arrangement process, points will be awarded about how well a player did. To turn the gameplay up a notch, there are several tournaments where players go to live players around the world. The players are gauged by how fast they can arrange the cards.

flash game for free


The game goes for a simple style as compared to an overly complicated game architecture’s the cards are easy to identify and work with a striking design that makes them easily identifiable. In Crescent solitaire, there exists no form of currency exchange, and this increases competition since everyone is on the same level l while playing. It is, therefore, worth trying out since the tweaks and changes it takes on the traditional solitaire style are amazing.



The Impossible Quiz is one of those games that seem to be very simple, but quickly enough you will find yourself in a nightmare. The questions are very straightforward at first, but then they require you to use some irrational logic in order to solve the puzzles. It gets harder and harder all the time, but you just need to be patient with it and you’ll reach the end.

impossible quiz


The goal of The Impossible Quiz Game is to beat the quiz by answering all of the given questions. It seems really simple, but it is far from it. The questions are obviously far from being easy. Some of them will require of you to use insane logic, but some of them you just need to guess, so there isn’t a specific rule against it. Obviously, it’s not actually impossible, but it’s still a tough nut.

You get three lives in total throughout the quiz. Every incorrect answer will take one life away from you. Should you loose all three, it’s game over for you. After a number of questions, you will be awarded a skip. The skip lets you skip a question if it is too difficult for you. There is the inclusion of bomb questions which have a time limit, so you have to be very fast, otherwise you loose a life.


The only thing The Impossible Quiz requires of you to use is the mouse. Well, besides your brain of course, and trust me when I say you’ll have to use a lot of thinking in this game. At first, you have to click on one of four given answers, but soon it will become more and more abstract. Quickly enough, you will see pictures that are the answers, and sometimes the answer is even in the question itself.

Quest 49

The Impossible Quiz unblocked version is funny at first, but then it gets more and more frustrating. The worst part is that sometimes logic isn’t the answer, and those answers will require most of your patience. The inclusion of skips is very useful, but you only get one after every seven questions.