FMX Team Freestyle Motocross DigitizedFMX Team:
FMX Team is an interesting game that offers a fresh look into the world of Freestyle Motocross. Playing as a team of three riders, all sporting an awesome ride, your aim is to successfully complete the multitude of levels that the game sets you up on. Being a motocross game entails more than just completing the course — you’ve got to look impressive while doing it, all by performing various stunts. For each stunt your biking team performs, they’ll receive experience. Earn enough experience and your bikers will learn newer, more impressive stunts that they can perform on a whim. Aim for the highest score possible by unlocking every stunt!

Despite being an incredibly difficult feat to pull of in reality, the game’s controls are much simpler. Use the UP button on the keyboard to send your biker forward. The LEFT and RIGHT buttons allow for your rider to lean back or forward. Leaning is an important mechanic in the game and you can set your rider up to perform impressive stunts at a high velocity if leaning the right way. The game is quickly paused by using the SPACEBAR, should you need to take a break for any reason. Up next is probably the most important aspect of the game. The stunts. Perform up to five different stunts (provided you’ve unlocked them all) by using numbers 1,2,3,4 and 5 on your keyboard.

When starting the game for the first time, you’ll be prompted to enter a name. This way, you’ll be remembered and your high scores will be listed for everyone to regard with wonder and envy. After choosing a name (or not choosing a name) you get to choose which of your 3 riders will complete the course. Upon doing so, you’ll immediately be placed at the start of the course, free to ride and show off your moves.

Try to meet the score required in the allotted time limit, and most of all, have fun on the track!

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Face your primal instincts and prepare for savage encounters at the office

Tank Trouble 3 is the most updated version of tank warfare game. The game was published in 2016 year and is made up of features remarkable and overpowering and game play which you will definitely fall in love with. Tank Trouble is a multiplayer game. What it entails is that it let you play single player mode and as well allows you to play as multiplayer.

The most explosive and updated version of tank game onlineSingle game mode

When in single mode, you’d be playing against your computer. The computer is good at playing the game and it would be difficult for you to win over it unless you are a very good player. You would need a lot of practice to be able to get to that stage.

Multi-player game mode

The multiplayer model of Tank Trouble 3 is made up of a 1vs1 and 3 Players skirmish. This entails that every one of the players can enjoy the game from one keyboard and contends with each other. The 3 player mode is as well referred to as death match and it can be played at

The winner of the Death match is the last player who is alive on the board.

The maps of Tank Trouble 3 vary from each other according to their size. The map is actually made in a form of maze with few places to hide away from your enemy attacks. While playing the game, you will observe a few icons on the map. These icons are referred to as power-ups. If you obtain them, they would serve as your new weapon.

Some of those weapons are great for long distance battle, whereas others are great in proximity battle

You’d like to play all of them to discover the best one.

How to play Tank Trouble 3

To play tank trouble 3, you need to tread cautiously to be able to win your enemy. Playing Tank trouble unblocked is very simple and direct. It only requires you to get acquitted with the basic procedures and learn a number of controls. Once you have learnt these, you can play the game like a pro.

Tank Trouble 3Controls

Tank trouble 3 games give you full control over your game with minor keys to press (BTW you can play previous version of the game @ You ought to properly guide your tank and fire an opponent. You make use of the arrow keys on the keyboard to take charge of your tank via the game world. When you are close to an opponent’s reach, you should click M to fire projectiles your opponents.

Tricks and procedure to follow

You ought to be able to travel extremely fast so as to avoid being shot by your enemy. When you have the best opportunity to shoot the opponent, you ought to plan vigilantly so as not to waste your weapon. An easy method of overcoming your enemy when playing this tank trouble 3 game is to shoot your projectiles on the wall. These will bounce back on one wall to the next one, placing you in a better opportunity to defeat your human opponent human player or the Al.

You ought to make use of should utilize bonuses by obtaining power-ups. Although it might take time before you reach power-ups, it is an added advantage to win the game.

All the above features are what make Tank Trouble 3 an incredible game you should never miss. Have your tried this improved Tank trouble 3 game? You are missing greatly is you have not. Dash in today, grab your own opportunity and defeat your enemy!

ESPN Return Man 3 focuses on the details of playing American football. Like any other flash game, this game has several levels and stages that can be played over 15 weeks. The player is expected to complete at least four stages every week to be promoted to the next stage level. In each of those four stages, there are four levels. This means you have to complete each level in the first stage before moving to the next stage of the week. As usual, the first few stages are easy to conquer but the game gets tougher as you get to higher stage levels.

return man 3

Game Interface

The game offers a nicely designed interface that makes the game realistic. For instance, the developer has ensured the players, lightning bolts and cleats are clearly visible. The playing ground is also of higher quality, and the movements are now simpler and smoother.

Game Controls

The return man is controlled by either the arrow keys or with “I” for forward movements, “J” for left movements, “L” for right movements, and “K” for back movements. Catching the balls would mean moving the return man over the circle in yellow before the circle is filled with the color. The special moves in the game are controlled by D, A and K keys. The spacebar also acts as an alternative for the mouse, which is used in advancing the game from one screen to another.

The return man ought to have a higher possession in order to gain more points by scoring highly. In any case, consider the moves you use to score as each move normally deducts your points. As such, consider using fewer moves. Always make the return man run over the lightning bolts. They boost speed and earn the return man bonus points. The game has a resume feature and that really cuts it for players on the go.

Crescent solitaireCrescent Solitaire

Crescent solitaire is an impressive game based on the rather traditional Klondike style of play. However, it has a different twist to its Klondike version that makes it worth the while. As a result, it has different tweaks and features to it that give a player a different feel and an immersive form of play. Crescent solitaire players participate in several tournaments and go against other live players from around the world.

Difficulty level and tutorials

There exist no tutorials for the game yet, but this is no deterrence as new players can quickly grasp the game’s simplicity. Additionally, if the game gets a little technical for the player, there is always a help tab. The help tab will how the player what to do in certain instances.


As indicated before, Crescent solitaire is built around the Klondike style of the game. The game developers have however taken a different tweak on the Klondike style by incorporating various tweaks and features to make the game unique. Players are provided with two rows containing four cards. The four cards are surrounded by sixteen other card columns. The middle upper row cards are to be arranged in descending order while those in the lower should be arranged in ascending order.

After completing the arrangement process, points will be awarded about how well a player did. To turn the gameplay up a notch, there are several tournaments where players go to live players around the world. The players are gauged by how fast they can arrange the cards.

flash game for free


The game goes for a simple style as compared to an overly complicated game architecture’s the cards are easy to identify and work with a striking design that makes them easily identifiable. In Crescent solitaire, there exists no form of currency exchange, and this increases competition since everyone is on the same level l while playing. It is, therefore, worth trying out since the tweaks and changes it takes on the traditional solitaire style are amazing.



The Impossible Quiz is one of those games that seem to be very simple, but quickly enough you will find yourself in a nightmare. The questions are very straightforward at first, but then they require you to use some irrational logic in order to solve the puzzles. It gets harder and harder all the time, but you just need to be patient with it and you’ll reach the end.

impossible quiz


The goal of The Impossible Quiz Game is to beat the quiz by answering all of the given questions. It seems really simple, but it is far from it. The questions are obviously far from being easy. Some of them will require of you to use insane logic, but some of them you just need to guess, so there isn’t a specific rule against it. Obviously, it’s not actually impossible, but it’s still a tough nut.

You get three lives in total throughout the quiz. Every incorrect answer will take one life away from you. Should you loose all three, it’s game over for you. After a number of questions, you will be awarded a skip. The skip lets you skip a question if it is too difficult for you. There is the inclusion of bomb questions which have a time limit, so you have to be very fast, otherwise you loose a life.


The only thing The Impossible Quiz requires of you to use is the mouse. Well, besides your brain of course, and trust me when I say you’ll have to use a lot of thinking in this game. At first, you have to click on one of four given answers, but soon it will become more and more abstract. Quickly enough, you will see pictures that are the answers, and sometimes the answer is even in the question itself.

Quest 49

The Impossible Quiz unblocked version is funny at first, but then it gets more and more frustrating. The worst part is that sometimes logic isn’t the answer, and those answers will require most of your patience. The inclusion of skips is very useful, but you only get one after every seven questions.

The Boxhead Zombie Wars is a port of the definitive PC flash game of a similar name. In this game, a player uses an array of weaponry, defensive turrets as well as barricades to fend off gigantic waves of zombies. It’s a nice game on its own, with a lot of players going for it.


Goal of the game
The primary goal of Zombie Wars is for you to stay alive, and there are numerous approaches to accomplish this. As a player, you can decide to pick a more offensive front by planting traps for the zombies such as exploding barrels. Alternatively, you can choose a defensive approach where you build yourself a base packed with heaps of rocket launching turrets.

The Boxhead Zombie Wars have eight playing fields which you can choose from—four of these fields are typically more inclined to the offensive approach whereas the remaining four are geared towards the defensive. You’ve an abundance of opportunity to adapt your specific style when it comes to battling the zombie horde. Nevertheless, be aware that selecting the levels with defenses already put in place will absolutely start you at a higher level.

There is another great shooting/fighting game as well, I think you will find it very entertaining: Tank Trouble unblocked is the name of game.

The game brings dozens of new weapons and enemies, in addition to the capability to set up turrets and obstacles to help you in battling the zombies.
– The arrow keys—these are utilized to control the movement of different characters in the game.
– The space—it’s used to fire.
– Z and X—used to cycle through the available weapons.
– The numbers 1 to 10 are used in selecting a weapon.
– P is used to pause the game, perhaps when you’d like to take a rest.

Although these are the basic controls that are typically used, you may choose to set up your own specific control keys. It’s easy to set up your control keys by using the option on the level selection screen.

Boxhead Zombie Wars

Before every single wave of zombies attack, you’ll have enough time to set your own defenses. Turrets, barrels, and barricades are quite essential to survival. Once the zombies attack, utilize your preferred weapons to slaughter them.

Also, keep in mind that the faster the zombies die, the higher the multiplier in your upper right hand corner of your screen. This will give you an easy access to better and upgraded weapons—enabling you to fight your enemies even better. Having the multiplier is the key to accomplishing higher scores, because it’ll multiply the points you achieve for each zombie you slaughter or kill. A multiplier can go up to 999!

Are you tired and bored of playing Super Smash Flash 2 the same old way? Super Smash Flash 2 Hacked might just be the answer to your problem.It simply involves use of various techniques to make the game more easier and winnable.


General Rules of Super Smash Flash 2 is an action packed game that mainly involves attacking the opponent off stage. An attack on your opponent accumulates damage which increases your percentage value.A higher value percentage results to a higher probability for knocking your opponent off stage. There are a number of keys and special features that can be used for game control. These include: 1. A,S,D and W which are used by player number one for movement purposes. 2. Player number two uses the number pads for both standard and special moves.3. O is a key for player number one that is used for activating a special move known as”final smash.” Player 2 uses number one key pad for that final smash. 4. P control is used for standard attacks. 5. The game can either be played in stock mode or time mode. 6. The stock mode signs a certain number of lives to each player. Every time your opponent attacks you successfully, you loose a life. If you loose all your lives, you are defeated. 7. Time mode on the other hand assigns a point to the player who successfully attacks the opponent. At the end of the game, the player with the highest number of points is the winner. 8. A successful attack is normally refereed to as KO.
Super Smash Flash 2 Characters

There is a long list of playable characters which adds up to 33. Some of the most popular characters you might know are; Captain Falcon of Nintendo F Zero, Mega Man and Naruto of Manga series.

super smash flash 2 hacked
Game levels The game levels are termed as stages. Each stage features a unique battle arena that features instinct uniqueness and complexity.

Super Smash Flash Hacked
There is nothing more interesting like playing super smash flash hacked. Simple rules to put you ahead of the game! All you need to do is have the hack information and you good to go. Hack information is related to characters and number of lives. If you want to enable all the characters, all you got to do is press key 1. You can have an infinite number of lives by simply pressing key 2. Other controls include; U for grab and 4 for taunt. What are you waiting for! Play the super flash hacked today and experience a different dimension of action packed games.

Plazma Burst is fun 2-D shooter flash game, with a fairly simple story line. Your race was almost wiped out, but you are trying to go back in time to correct what happened. You succeed in your time travel, but the calculations are off, and you end up on an unfriendly planet. You have to fight your way out and get back to your planet in order to save your race.
logoThe controls on Plamza Burst are very straightforward. You use D and A to move right and left, and S to crouch. You jump using space, and you fire your weapon using the left mouse button. Most guns have a site on them, to help with your aiming.

BTW if you like something more of the mind games category all I can suggest you is impossible quiz game, but if you prefer simple easy games Run 3 unblocked is the best game for you.

The bad guys will try and stop you any way they can. They will hide in behind corners and ledges to try and snipe you from a distance. If you are not careful, you can be being blown up by explosives. Luckily, you are allowed to buy upgrades to your gear once you complete every level.

You can get a more powerful pistol, rifle, and shotgun. If you survive long enough, you might even afford the potent rocket launcher or plasma cannon. Once you buy a new weapon, it is added to your inventory, and you can cycle through your all your choices by using the numbers on your keyboard.

Your health starts at 100, and goes down if you take damage from enemy fire. You can get health back by picking up blue med kits on the ground, which restore 25 health each. To avoid too much damage, try and always shot enemies in the head. Most have body armor, and you can can spend way too much time killing them when a head shot might have done the job instantly. It takes a little longer to line up, but is well worth it. Use the terrain to your advantage. Try and find spots where you can shoot the enemy, but they cannot shoot you.

You also get three grenades when you start every level. These are useful for taking out large groups of enemies, or for getting them in hard to reach places. Use them carefully, and be sure you not too close when they go off, as they do pack quite a punch. When you first go shopping, you might be tempted to upgrade your weapons immediately. You should buy a helmet and and armor as soon as you can, so you take less damage. Timing, accuracy, and intelligence count for more in this game than just raw firepower.

Plazma Burst is a great platform shooter. The 16 levels provide lots of variety, and the between stages shop means you can slowly make your character more potent. Give this game a try if you want to use your wits and all your weapons in order to defeat your foes. There are also three levels of difficulty, so you can make the game easier if its too hard or increase the challenge after you beat one mode.

Experience the Happy Wheels Demo Firsthand:

Don’t let the name of the game fool you. Happy Wheels demo (from official blog) is anything but happy and can come across morbid. If you don’t mind a little blood and guts, this game may be perfect for you. To get started, you have four characters to choose from. You start by selecting your character from an old man in a wheel chair, a fat lady on a scooter, a boy on a bike, or a man in a private car. Your objective in the game is to get your character down the street in one piece. While this may sound easy, you have a lot of obstacles to deal with when you are heading down the road.


If you haven’t mastered the game, your character can expect to get beat up pretty bad. Some of the things they may encounter while riding down the road includes being ejected from their vehicle, being decapitated, being crushed, and even suffering the loss of a limb. There are many obstacles along the way that will make it extremely tricky to get to the next level. Even if you do suffer an injury, you can still continue playing until you have loss a significant amount of blood. Once you have spilled a lot of blood, you have failed your mission in Happy Wheels hacked.

Game Controls:

In order to find your way through the game, you will have to understand how to maneuver your character around the screen. The letter “Z”, space bar, control key, the shift bar, and the four arrows all come into play when trying to get around. The controls are a little delayed which can make it difficult to maneuver around.

Moving Forward:

If you find yourself bored with the current levels, there is a level editor in the game that will allow you to create your own, unique levels of play. You can also adjust the level of difficulty to your preference. This game can easily be adjusted to your liking. Because of the level of difficulty, it will be hard to stop playing. Until you master the game, you will want to keep playing it. If you aren’t happy with the current characters in the Happy Wheels demo, you can create your own.


If you are looking for a game that has blood, guts, and racing, you have found it in the Happy Wheels demo. This game provides plenty of excitement and thrill as you maneuver your character down the streets.

Also known as Linebacker , Return man 5 is a modification of (Return man 3)third version and it has quite some interesting features and updates in it. In the game,a player faces the other team alone,for instance;in the initial stage,one player has the ball and other 4 players are around to support him. They protect the ball holder and assist him score touch downs,and you will have to be careful so as to avoid being caught while still catching the quarterback yourself.

What makes the Game Unique?

When it comes to American football,a good defense is one of the most essential things. The game is designed to test all your defensive abilities in football;Return man 5 gives you an opportunity to show off all your strategies and skills as well.

Return Man 5 GamePlaying the game

For a player to tackle running back,he or she will have to dodge the blockers first,and as soon as the way is clear,you run as fast as possible towards the quarterback and stop him. You do not need to hurry because unnecessary risk might work against you,just be careful and pay attention to the other team and their movements. Find their weak points and use them to your advantage. In some situations it may be necessary to attack,so if you have time on your side,you can tackle some blockers until they clear the way,just make sure you will be able to run back in-case things don’t work as planned. There are also three special techniques and moves in the game that will be extremely useful in the higher levels of the party. For you to use the moves,you will have to unlock them by stopping and running back.

return man 5 linebackerControls

-I-Run Forward

-J-Run left

-L-Run right

-K-Run back

-Space Bar-Dive tackle



Return Man 5 is an amazing and decent American Football game,and can be enjoyed by gamers of all age brackets. The Atmosphere in the game is realistic and its sound effects fit it excellently. Although some people claim that it’s graphics are not up to per,but to be sincere,this sort of game does not really need sophisticated effects and graphics. It is good enough and its design is awesome as well. Hope you will find it enjoyable and stop running back.A great game for great people!

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Stick RPG is one of the most played games on, almost as popular as Happy Wheels unblocked. It is a classic game and over the years, it has emerged the most played game. The latest Stick RPG version has turned out to be the best on This statistics clearly indicate that this game is widely played.

Stick RPG from Xgen - Guide inside!

Where to find this game
Maybe for one reason or another you have not been able to lay your hands on this exciting game. Do not be left out, join the fun. or is the site you can download the game. Xgen though is better because it contains the complete and original version. One thing about’s version is that it contains a modified city whereby you are not able to sell and buy stocks, travel to another city and sell “commodities” or buying real estate.

RPGHow to play
First, you will need to roll the skill dice. Expect to find a flaw that may say charm: 3, strength: 3 and intelligence: 3. Put all those together to get 9. You may decide to redo again to get 10. You should try rolling repeatedly until you get above eight in every skill. Take away all skill points earned and re-add them to intelligence until it is twenty at the least.

By just a finger, read your messages, check the school bag, explore your apartment and check the question mark icon. Simple isn’t it? This type of navigation is very easy to work with. Note that, your job title should always be McSlave. To apply for jobs, go to the other side of McSticks you will find the corporation. A congratulatory message will appear on your screen if you succeed in your job application.

After you have landed a job, maybe a janitor, you are required to work for not less than four straight days. Afterwards, you can go and study to get enough brains that can qualify you for a promotion. After a successful promotion request, you will get a congratulations message notifying you of an increase in wage per hour.

After another promotion, you now become a regular employee. You can make money for some days, sell “commodities” and explore. Get another promotion and earn yourself the vice presidency. Your wage per hour will also increase to $50. Work for shorter hours and for the best part of your days gamble at the casino. Blow your savings on a castle worth $500,000.00 dollars. Live a lavish life, have fun and buy anything for your castle.

Now that you are a CEO and making huge money, invest it. Watch TV, exercise and have lots of fun. Go to the bar. Drink a couple of beers, smoke and get into a fight. Kill a kid with smokes. After smoking a number of packs, go into the street and get yourself killed! If the car misses you, find where the street ends, jump off the world.